Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of basic information about UPL Live Analytics app.

Our app should work fine on most of shopify stores except custom store fronts. You have 3 days free trial to check app’s functionality with you store. In simple terms custom storefronts are designed by developers which uses shopify’s backend.

You will be billed USD 5 every 30 days for UPL Live Analytics app for shopify store. You directly don’t pays us. App’s charges will be added to your shopify subscription.

When you are viewing yesterday’s data you will only see live notification about visitors who visited yesterday. If they return to your website while you are viewing data in yesterday mode you will get live notification about their activity.

We only keep data for 30 days in our systems and then it automatically gets deleted. But still we will satisfy your and your customers's data request as per shopify’s guidelines.

Definitely, you can contact us via email on support@uplsystems.com and we will get back to you with satisfying response as soon as possible. We generally reply back on same day or on next working day.